AAR Government Services successful partnership with VisibleThread

Watch this presentation by Trevor Morgan from AAR Government Services, as he discussed the immediate benefits of VisibleThread.

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In this webinar we discussed


AAR's experience with VisibleThread

The immediate benefits of the platform.


VT Features

How to compare documents efficiently.


Reducing manual processes

Create a compliance matrix in minutes (previously manually created).


Time/energy savings

Allowing proposal teams to utilize discovery and concept tracking features in VT to gain new insights critical to winning new business.

“There’s definitely a major efficiency in the recent proposals I’ve done. These revisions often occur at the very back end of a proposal process. So you have charts to prepare for leadership review. You have to get your pricing finished for the new model. You’re running short on time. So that extra hour, or two hours for a medium-sized proposal, that times so valuable and having the resources to just focus elsewhere, it’s fantastic. This tool has been a major help.”

Our Speaker(s)

Trevor Morgan - AAR Government

Trevor Morgan
Senior Pricing Manager, AAR Government

About About VisibleThread

Improve the efficiency, clarity and compliance of RFPs, contracts and mission-critical business writing with quantifiable metrics. 9 of the Top 15 US government contractors use VisibleThread.


About AAR Government Services

AAR is an independent provider of aviation services to commercial and government customers worldwide.

Their aftermarket expertise and award-winning solutions help customers increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining high levels of quality, service and safety.


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