Driving Change through Effective Communication: The Key to Success in Organizational Transformation

In this roundtable discussion, Kevin Press, Andrew Lohmeier and Pinaki Kathiari shared their expertise on how effective communication is the key to success in organizational transformation.

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In this webinar we discussed


Communication Challenges

The challenges of communicating change within an organization.


Strategies and Best Practices

The communication strategies and best practices that have been successful in driving the change.


Organizational Transformation

Insights from the panel’s experience in leading organizational transformation in different industries.

“Change is necessary for companies. It’s necessary to stay competitive, to drive efficiencies, and to meet changing market demands.”

Our Speaker(s)

Kevin Press
Kevin Press,
Kevin Press Communications
Pinaki Kathiari
CEO and Co-Founder
Local Wisdom
Andrew Lohmeier

Andrew Lohmeier,
Director, Content Strategy
Content Putnam Investments

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