CIO-SP4 – How to streamline task area justification

We spoke to Business Development Executive, David Sorrell, about using language analysis to quickly decide the best task area to pursue in Self-Scoring IDIQs.

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In this webinar we discussed


Self-Scoring IDIQs

How self-scoring IDIQs have shifted the onus on the contractor to create scorecards.


Past Performance

The manual challenge of justifying the right task areas based on mapping your past-performance.



How automation with VT Docs can accelerate the scorecard creation process.

“VisibleThread accelerates the process by quickly determining each past performance by task area.”

Our Speaker(s)

david sorrell - VisibleThread webinar

David Sorrell
Business Development Executive,
Meridian Technologies

About About Meridian Technologies

Meridian Technologies is an IT workforce and consulting solutions provider to some of North America’s most noted brands.


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