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  • Gov Contracting

    Placeholder Checker

    This dictionary helps you identify common placeholders. Easily spot terms such as ‘TBC’, ‘Lorem’ and ‘Draft’ and replace these with the right content.

  • Gov Contracting

    US Agency & Department Names

    Work with our US Agency & Department Name Dictionary to check whether the right agency is addressed in your submission. Ideal for anyone who repurposes text created in previous proposals.

  • Business Writing

    COVID-19 Watch Words

    This is a COVID-19 Watch Word List for VT Writer. Use this list to flag terminology that is incorrect or unclear when it comes to COVID-19.

  • Business Writing

    Australian Government Style Manual

    This Watch Word list for VT Writer includes terminology from the Australian Government Style Manual. The Style Manual is for everyone who writes, edits or approves Australian Government content. Use it to create clear and consistent content that meets the needs of users.

  • Gov Contracting

    FAR / DFAR Extractor

    This FAR / DFAR extractor dictionary was created by a major Defense and Aerospace manufacturer. They used it to: - identify clauses that they are already compliant for, and can ignore, - identify flowdown clauses that they need to pay special attention to, - identify new FAR/DFARs that they need to review for compliance.

  • Gov Contracting

    Contract Checker

    Use this dictionary to vet contracts. Flags occurrences of indemnifications, warranties, breach etc. Very useful as a way to red line unacceptable clauses or clauses that need to be carefully handled.

  • Gov Contracting

    FAR/DFAR/Misc Checker

    This dictionary flags certain FAR and DFAR clauses that need careful examination. Use it as a basis for your own FAR/DFAR checks.

  • Construction

    MasterFormat: Divisions 40-48

    Process Equipment Subgroup

  • Construction

    MasterFormat: Divisions 31-35

    Site and Infrastructure Subgroup

  • Construction

    MasterFormat: Divisions 21-28

    Facility Services Subgroup

  • Construction

    MasterFormat: Divisions 10-14

    Facility Construction Subgroup B

  • Construction

    MasterFormat: Divisions 02-09

    Facility Construction Subgroup A

  • Construction

    MasterFormat: Division 01

    General Requirements Subgroup

  • Construction

    MasterFormat: Division 00

    Procurement and Contracting Requirements Group

  • Gov Contracting

    FAR Extractor Dictionary

    This dictionary identifies OCI (Organisational Conflict of Interest) clauses in the FAR (Federal Acquisition Requirements). Very useful for spotting sensitive FAR clauses across contracts.

  • General

    Plain Language (Complex Words)

    A dictionary that finds complex language that you can simplify. Based on the Plain Language movements list of complex words. You can see the list here:

  • General

    US to British English Dictionary

    Flags occurrences of US English, e.g. 'color' etc. Useful if writing for a British audience.

  • General

    Cliches and Jargon

    A dictionary focused on cliches and jargon, 'best of breed' etc.

How to import Dictionaries

  • Dictionaries Step 1

    1. Go to “Dictionaries”
    2. Select the “Actions” tab
    3. Click on “Import from text file (CSV)”
  • Dictionaries Step 2

    1. Click the “browse…” button
    2. Select the dictionary you want to import
    3. Press OK
  • Dictionaries Step 3

    1. Write the Dictionary name
    2. Press “Import” to upload the dictionary
  • Dictionaries Step 4

    Congratulations! The dictionary is now in your VisibleThread account.

  • Watch Words Step 1

    1. Log into VT Readability
    2. Click on the Settings button
  • Watch Words Step 2

    1. Click on “Watch Words”
  • Watch Words Step 3

    1. Click the “Import from CSV” button
    2. Select “Choose file” and browse to your downloaded file location
    3. Select your import option.You can Append or Overwrite existing watch words. Keep the default option for your first watch word list.
  • Watch Words Step 4

    1.Click “Submit”

    2.Your watch word list will be displayed on screen.

    3.Congratulations! Your Watch Word list is now installed.

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