WatchWords released for Readability / Email Server

Watch Words released for Readability / Email Server


In this blog post, I’ll show you how you can use Watch Words in VT Readability. This will help you flag terms and phrases for review.

As writers and editors, we often have to guard against categories of language. For example;

  • Discontinued Product Names.
  • Language that doesn’t reflect well on our Brand.
  • Legally risky terminology.

Consider an example;

Assume you’re  actively working on a credit card promotional campaign that’s in development. Here is your latest copy for the promotional launch;

The Advantage Plus credit card offers an introductory rate of 3.25% for the first 6 months and along with our family of Life Plus credit cards we guarantee the best rates in the market, so hurry and submit your application today.

Lets scan this for readability;

Readability - Analyze Your Text Readability - VT

That copy comes in with a grade level 18.5. That’s too high and risks damaging the effectiveness of our planned campaign. Let’s improve the readability that will make the Call To Action (CTA) easier to read and understand.

Based on suggestions from the AI scan we have made some edits to the copy.

The Advantage Plus credit card offers a starting rate of 3.25% for the first 6 months. Along with our family of Life Plus credit cards we guarantee the best rates in the market. Apply today.

Now let’s re-analyze to see how the copy has improved.

Readability - Grade Level

Much Better, we have managed to adjust it down to grade 5.6. That’s a grade level accessible by approximately 80% of the population, great work!!

But wait, we have also picked up on 4 Watch Words that need reviewing.

Readability - Watch Words

The AI scan has picked the following areas that we need to guard against;

  • Discontinued Product Names
    • Advantage Plus : The Product team has just re-branded “Advantage Plus” as “Advantage+”.
    • Similarly “Life Plus” has become “Life+”.
  • Product Misinformation
    • We also have a Brand damage & Risk issue. This is because leadership have announced we no longer support a 3.25% intro rate for any credit cards. We  must use the new rate of 3.75% instead.
  • Legal Risk
    • The word “Guarantee” implies a contractual obligation. What are we guaranteeing? We need to re-phrase this if possible.

Watch Words are a really great way to flag these types of issue in real time. Now we simply click edit and make the required changes to the watch words. This is want the text looks like now.

The Advantage+ credit card offers a starting rate of 3.75% for the first 6 months. Along with our family of Life+ credit cards we offer the best rates in the market. Apply today.

When we complete the rescan, our analysis shows that our copy is in great shape for launch.

VT Score

To enable Watch Words in VT readability, simply select settings, and go to the menu option as shown below. Here you can easily add new terms to flag for any number of scenarios that could damage credibility. These scenarios can often be found in the organizations style guide. Examples include, Tone of voice, Bad Language and Cliches.

VT 2

Once enabled, Watch Words are automatically applied to all your scanned assets including your, documents, pdf and website scans. Now, while writing their copy, all of your authors can be notified of terms and phrases that need constant attention.

2 thoughts on “WatchWords released for Readability / Email Server”

  1. Good morning! This is an intriguing capability. Question: When Watch Words are automatically applied to all documents, pdfs and website scans, is that in a folder, or across the entire sandbox?

    • Hi Dawn. The VT Readability tool is for single edit users across an organisation. For example, the individual who may be writing a letter or an email to a customer. A writer who is creating a product brochure or website article.

      This may amount to a large number of individuals and is the sweet spot for VT readability. Watch Words helps us apply context for all these writers. This may be in the form of a Styleguide, Tone of Voice, alternatives to complex words, Jargon, etc.

      When an admin updates the watchword listing, all the users associated with the deployment (or Sandbox) will then be able to utilise the benefit of a standardised Watch Words list that is driven by the business requirements.

      Please let me know if that clarifies it for you. I would be happy to hop on a call and walk you through this if required.


      PS – Watch Words don’t apply to URL scans in VT readability (Yet).

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