Content Marketing At The Adobe Summit | An Insider’s Guide

Fergal McGovern

CEO & Founder

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Adobe Summit 2015 - content marketing

Last week we descended on Salt Lake for the Adobe Summit. We loved it. What a great event! We were honored to launch VisibleThread Web 2.0 at the summit.

Our new website content analysis tool went down a treat with all the content marketers and authors in attendance. Thanks to all who visited our stand. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Adobe kindly posted all keynotes and many sessions here. We didn’t get to attend as many talks as we wanted, but here’s a quick recap of the ones we did. Notice the content analysis and marketing bias?!

Map content to the customer journey | Dave Lloyd

Dave Lloyd the Senior Search Manager at Adobe’s talk on SEO was brilliant. With the below diagram Dave outlines what he believes to be the core factors Google use to determine rank.

For hardened SEOs and content marketers it seems to be similar to the standard Google search guidelines. What’s interesting is that he believes relevance and importance to have a similar amount of impact on rank. This is a good endorsement for marketers who have been focusing their efforts on content distribution.

Dave also explained, central to his approach is mapping content to customer intent. That intent for example may be to learn, purchase or request support. Adobe create their content strategy around this approach. As you can see in the below slide different search results answer different customer needs and intents. Not just a one for all approach!

Get through the clutter | Irina Guseva & Jay Kerger

Irina and Jay told us how cluttered content marketing has become. They used this pretty scary quote from Goolge’s Eric Schmidt to prove it.

To break through the noise Irina and Jay suggest peer reviews and collaboration. They believe this is how to keep content quality high and how to educate content teams. They also recommend providing content governance and “guide rails” to guide writers. This is something we’ve been doing for years.(Self-praise is always best!) We simply use our readability scores on VisibleThread Web as our guide rails.

3 tips on personalisation | Urosh Pajic and Peter Krmpotic

Urosh and Peter gave a great talk on content optimization and personalisation. They explained the age of personalisation is here. As Urosh said “nobody wants to serve a Seahawks fan in a Patriots jersey!” It just doesn’t makes sense. Their three tips for personalisation goodness are:

  1. Shorten the cycle of iteration – This means being agile. Personalization cannot be a monthly update. It needs to be instantaneous with changing customer needs.
  2. Close the feedback loop – Great content is not enough. Authors need a feedback loop. The feedback should give authors live data on how well content is performing. This should come from analytics.
  3. Empower people with great tech – Technology needs to work seamlessly together. Authors need to be working on personalization, SEO and user experience when writing a post. Not trying to optimize later.

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