VT Docs 3.3 Now Available to Cloud Customers

VT Docs 3.3 is now available to all Cloud Customers. A combination of research and customer feature requests drove this release. Thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas, time and efforts!
Jason O'Connell
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A VT Docs product release for cloud users.

VT Docs 3.3 – Main Features

This release contains two main features:

  1. Improved PDF parsing
  2. Better Starter Compliance Matrix layout

Improved PDF parsing

PDF parsing is a technically tricky issue to solve. This is due to the PDF format’s primary design goal being accurate display/printing on any device. Typically, PDFs don‘t provide a logical structure like other source tools (e.g. MS Word).

Before VT Docs 3.3, PDF parsing could lead to a loss of text structure. Sentences might end up bundled together and hard to read. Also, the parsing sometimes missed references e.g. “1 Introduction”. We wanted to tackle this and improve our PDF analysis with VT Docs 3.3.

You now have a closer match to the original text structure. Less sentences incorrectly bundled together, and references identified. While it might not be perfect, it is much more accurate and easier to read.

Better Starter Compliance Matrix Layout

This new feature affects all your shreds and Excel reports generated with VT Docs. The improvements made to the layout and design output make reports much easier to read. Based on customer feedback, we removed clutter and re-ordered columns. In addition, we added a column to aid filtering. The result is that you can now easily sort by dictionary term in Excel.

Here’s the before and after:

Starter Compliance Matrix

What’s New in VisibleThread

On April 23rd, we hosted a Virtual Session on What’s New and What’s coming in VT. You can watch it below to learn more about the most recent VT Docs releases and VT Insights Platform.

To all our On-Prem Customers, we will include these features in our next on-prem release. You can learn more in the video above. If you want better shredding now, and if you’re shredding publicly available PDFs, then we can provision a temporary cloud environment for you. Simply mail support@visiblethread.com if interested.

Full release notes are available here.

A very big THANK YOU to all our customers who have provided us with feedback. We appreciate your time and are delighted to bring VT Docs 3.3 to all Cloud Customers!


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