VT Docs version 3.4.1 is now available for on-premise customers

This release includes all the features we made available to cloud customers in version 3.4 and 3.4.1.
Eoin Wren

VP Engineering

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VT Docs - 3.4.1 Update available for on-premise users

This release includes:

  • Updated VT Docs to use the new VisibleThread look and feel.
  • New usage report that allows you to track how your VT Docs sandbox is being used
  • Sandbox Admin level usage report, that gives insight into how VT Docs licenses are being used across multiple sandboxes in a deployment
  • New customization options for Annotated Docs from the Quality Tab
  • Bugfix to Quality and Concept tabs to fix “view needs to be refreshed” issue.

VT Docs new look

We have given VT Docs a lick of paint and updated the color scheme to reflect VisibleThread’s new corporate branding. As part of this new look, we have improved many of the icons used in the application and improved the layout on some of the screens.

The application still works the same way, and all the features you use are still located in the same place, so nothing has changed there!

VT Docs new home screen 2020

Figure 1 VT Docs new home screen

New Usage Report

In the reports area of VT Docs we have added a new Usage Report.

VT Docs usage report 2020

Figure 2 Usage Report

This report shows who has used VT Docs and how they have used it. You can also configure it to report on different time frames. For example usage over the last 30 days etc.

The usage report allows you identify what parts of VT Docs you are maximizing and what areas may require more training. The report can assist with identifying what parts of your proposal process are benefiting from automation, and what areas can be improved.

Sandbox Admin Usage Export

The usage report introduced above is a useful tool for monitoring activity in an individual sandbox.

However, for larger enterprise deployments with multiple sandboxes we have added a usage export utility to the Sandbox Admin. This reports across all your sandboxes. It allows easy insights into how many licenses are being utilized in each sandbox and the level of activity in each one.

Sandbox Usage Export 2020

Figure 3 Sandbox Usage Export

Quality Tab Annotated Docs Customization

VT Docs allows you to generate an annotated document from the Quality Tab for any word document you upload. This annotated document uses MS Word comments to highlight any of the quality dictionary terms found in the document.

Prior to this release, those comments were given the name ‘VisibleThread’ as the comment author.

With this release, you have the option to use the dictionary category as the comment author.

New Quality Annotated Docs options 2020

Figure 4 New Quality Annotated Docs options

Why is this useful?

Let’s say you categorize terms in a dictionary by area of concern, eg: legal terms, compliance terms and technical terms, then the comment author will show as the category. This makes it really easy for legal reviewers to just check those comments that apply to their specific terms.

In summary, this option can make it easier to navigate the comments that are of specific concern to your group. As you can choose to show/hide comments from specific authors / dictionary categories.

Figure 5 Annotated Document using dictionary categories as authors

Figure 5 Annotated Document using dictionary categories as authors

Quality and Concept tab bug fixes

Some VT Customers have reported problems refreshing the Quality or Concept tab after changing a dictionary.

These problems have been introduced by recent changes to the Java JVM, third party software used by VT Docs. You will encounter this issue if your IT team have updated the JVM on the VT Docs server.

VT Docs 3.4.1 includes a fix for this issue.

The problem occurs when a user modifies a dictionary that is used by a document. When the user attempts to view the quality or concept results for the document, they will see the screen below:

VT Docs dictionary view

Figure 6 Dictionary view needs refresh

Clicking the “Refresh” button has no effect, i.e., the view does not refresh.

With VT Docs 3.4.1 we have reworked the implementation of these views to overcome this issue.

Full release notes available here.


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