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WatchWords released for Readability / Email Server

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Evelyn Wolf

Watch Words for VT Writer

In this blog post, I’ll show you how you can use Watch Words in
VT Writer. This will help you flag terms and phrases for review.

As writers and editors, we often have to guard against categories of language. For example;

  • Discontinued product names.
  • Language that doesn’t reflect well on our brand.
  • Legally risky terminology.

Consider an example;

Assume you’re actively working on a credit card promotional campaign that’s in development. Here is your latest copy for the promotional launch;

The Advantage Plus credit card offers an introductory rate of 3.25% for the first 6 months and along with our family of Life Plus credit cards we guarantee the best rates in the market, so hurry and submit your application today.

Let’s scan this for readability;