VT Docs 4.0 Now Available For On-Prem Customers

VT Docs 4.0 is now available to install for on-premise customers. We would like to thank our customers for contributing their ideas and feedback to this release!

This release includes:

  • New Discovery, this AI-driven theme discovery automatically identifies key themes to highlight potential risk and compliance issues in complex documentation
  • Acronym Report as a Word document
  • Support for deployments on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and Amazon Linux 2
  • Performance improvements loading the Readability view

New Discovery

New Discovery is a reimagining of how you approach gap analysis in complex documentation. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), New Discovery automatically isolates key themes across multiple files spanning hundreds of pages to reduce risk—a tedious task that can be error-prone when done manually.

It provides the power of analyzing complex documentation sets without the need for a pre-defined search dictionary to extract reoccurring themes. Customers now see a clean overview of reoccurring and emerging document themes all from one central view. In this new view, themes are itemized in the left panel. You can see the frequency of these thematic elements against your documents in the middle panel.


Figure 1 New Discovery screen

Rich data helps you identify and create search dictionaries to quickly search for terms that are relevant to the success of your proposal or the compliance of your contract. This streamlined way to create a dictionary of search terms as you work through it, completely removes the friction of manually creating new dictionaries specific to each proposal.

Figure 2 New Discovery – Create Dictionary

For an in-depth review of New Discovery see this article by our CEO Fergal McGovern.

Acronym Report as Word document

The Acronym Report has a new option to Export to Word:

Figure 3 Acronym Report – Export to Word

This export generates a Word document with the Acronym Report data presented in a table:

Figure 4 Acronym Report in Word

New On-Prem Deployment Options

This release adds support for deploying VT Docs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and Amazon Linux 2.

Full release notes available here.

A very big THANK YOU to all our customers who provided us with feedback. We appreciate your input and look forward to your feedback on VT Docs 4.0.

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