VT Writer 3.2 is now available to on-premise customers

VT Writer version 3.2 is now available to on-premise customers.
Jason O'Connell
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VT Writer 3.2

VT Writer version 3.2 is now available to on-premise customers.

This release contains lots of new features and improvements. We have also included fixes and tweaks to existing functionality.

Email Service support for Office 365 / Azure Graph API

The VT Writer Email Service allows users to analyze documents, then automatically receive Readability scores, content suggestions and guidance. All via email, so there’s nothing to download and no username/password!

Once your IT department has setup a dedicated mailbox (e.g. readability@acmecorp.com) and configured mail settings within VT Writer, then:

  1. User sends an email (with their document attached) to the dedicated mailbox
  2. VT Writer Email Service will retrieve the email + attached document
  3. Email Service will analyze the document
  4. Email Service will send a reply to the user containing the document’s overall Readability scores/metrics and an attached document with content suggestions and guidance.


This release adds support for retrieving email from Office 365 (via the Azure Graph API). Some organizations using Office 365 are dropping support for older email protocols (IMAP/POP) in favor of the Graph API, which is more secure.
If your IT team would like to integrate the VT Writer Email Service with Office 365/Graph API we have a support article on how to configure the Graph API.

Accessibility Improvements

We’ve made VT Writer more accessible. The improvements include better screen reader support, keyboard navigation, easier to read font sizes and color contrasts.

Configurable Max Document File Size

Previous version of VT Writer had a 15Mb limit on the size of documents for upload. VT Writer 3.2 now supports setting a custom file size upload limit.

Miscellaneous Improvements/ Fixes

  • Support for deploying VT Writer into a Red Hat 8 OS with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) enabled
  • Performance improvements of Watchwords/Ignore lists
  • Passive voice not detected when combined with a negative contraction

VT Writer 3.2 Release Notes


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