Ranked: 71% of Texan auto insurers do not meet recommended grade level for communicating with customers

Claire Whelan
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texas auto insurance clarity report - customer experience

Consumers County Mutual tops the list while Progressive is ranked at the bottom 

Baltimore, MD: Research by VisibleThread, a language analysis platform, suggests Consumer County is the best Texan auto insurer for communicating with their customers. Meanwhile, Liberty Mutual and Progressive are at the bottom of those ranked and have work to do.

Fergal McGovern, CEO VisibleThread, said: “For car owners in Texas, auto insurance is a huge expense. It’s at an average of $1,823 for full coverage. It’s important for consumers to be able to shop around. But some insurers make that difficult by using confusing language in their terms and conditions. Companies that speak in plain English are more likely to build trust and create a better customer experience.”

The Texas Department of Insurance mandates that all insurance policies have a Flesch readability score of 40 or more. Most insurers had large sections of their policy documents that do not meet that requirement. The research looked at the policy documents of seven top Texas auto insurers and ranked them. The results from best to worst were:

  1. Consumers County
  2. State Farm
  3. Farmers
  4. AllState
  5. Geico
  6. Liberty Mutual
  7. Progressive

The insurers with the worst readability scores had paragraph-long sentences that are too hard to follow. They used a lot of passive voice, and far too much jargon. VisibleThread highlights these issues so that companies can improve their writing and create clearer communication with their customers.

McGovern said: “We suggest those companies ranking at the bottom, review their customer facing documents. This includes policies and supporting media. There is a direct link between how readable a company’s documents are and how trusted they are by consumers. Most people research options online before making a choice, so the quality of your written content is important.”

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