The Content Tax You Make Your Customers Pay To Read

Fergal McGovern

CEO & Founder

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It’s true. Our attention spans are diminishing. This is largely the result of too much content, too much distraction and not enough customer engagement marketing.

Our brains are incredible organs. (Don’t believe all the hype around goldfish and memories!) However, they simply can’t cope with the load.

The idea that our brains have limited working memory to process information is called cognitive load theory. An overload of unnecessary input causes our brains to seize up. Sound familiar?

How your organization adds to the cognitive load

You’ve probably heard “content is king” many times. Many marketing teams are aware of the impact content can make to an organization. High quality content can help teams meet customer and revenue goals.

But, it’s not only your customer engagement marketing teams who are creating content.

Multiple teams across your organization are creating consumer-facing content. Think of product manuals, service terms, privacy documentation etc.

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Thinking about your customer – and your content

Your customers are presented with the content produced by your entire organization. But we need to remember, there’s more going on with your customer than you think there is.Your content might be highly personalized. You may have done your persona research. You know your customers’ education levels, age, job title, motivations etc.But this still doesn’t tell you exactly how to write for your busy customer.Why?

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