Measuring web content readability and consistency for universities – Webinar Slides and Recording

About this Event

Clear & consistent web content is critical for universities where student acquisition and retention are big drivers. Poor content reflects badly on your institution, and puts a cognitive burden on students trying to complete tasks online. it can even lead to lost business.

For example; prospective international students conducting online research may churn to another college based on complex content on your ‘student admission’ pages. Content that is often overly legalese and lifted from hard copy brochures. When you have thousands of pages, spread across multiple domains, measuring this complex stuff is really hard.

We presented this deck as part of the TerminalFour’s user conference in Boston & Dublin, Nov 2013. If you’re on a university marketing team and need to identify & fix poor content that impacts site experience, you’ll find this useful.

We show an example case study from the University of the Arts London. They identified complex content on highly trafficked parts of the site using VisibleThread. They also used ‘dictionary scans’ to pick up outdated & inconsistent brand references in the web copy. Something that normally would take days to do.

And here is the recording:

You can find more presentations from VisibleThread on our SlideShare page.


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