Real Solutions to Unrealistic Schedules for Proposal Managers [APMP BPC 2019]

About this Event

The APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2019 taking place this week in Orlando focusses on the challenges proposal professionals face. These may vary from contract to contract. Or from team to team. But one challenge is shared universally by all proposal experts – and that is lack of time.

Proposal professionals are asked to write winning proposals. Then they’re given very little time to do it in. The pressure on their shoulders to deliver doesn’t reduce. The time in which to deliver does.

As a proposal expert, who is responsible for bringing in revenue by winning RFPs, how do you manage the pressures on you and reach your targets?

Mike Parkinson, CPP APMP Fellow and old friend of VisibleThread, will share real-world solutions to unrealistic schedules at today’s BPC 2019 Orlando. He’ll feature some really practical techniques you can use to optimize the proposal process. Mike’s session will be from 10 – 11:30 on the Main Stage (Grand Cypress D,E,F) at APMP’s Bid and Proposal Con (BPC) 2019.

What a winning proposal needs

“Often the advice dished out to you doesn’t work in the real world” says Mike.

Use “canned” or boilerplate proposals? Well, they’re not effective and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit winning proposals. And those are the ones we’re interested in. Getting the right team in place and defining roles? Sure, but we’ve done that already and we still need to write that proposal.

But what if you could combine skills, methods and tools to power your proposal process?

Great news. You can.

Attend Mike’s highly interactive workshop for advice that is tailored with you in mind. Mike’s approach places the proposal expert at the center of the proposal creation process.

He’ll show you how to develop solutions that cover all aspects of the process, including writing, graphics and desktop publishing.

His solutions are designed to get the best out of you, the expert, and the tools that can help you do your job more effectively. And with less stress.

Let’s be honest. Proposal management and creation can be tough. But there are ways to make the job easier and more fun.

Real Solutions to Unrealistic Schedules – Where and when

When: Tuesday, May 21st

Time: 10 – 11:30

Where: Main Stage (Grand Cypress D,E,F) at APMP’s Bid and Proposal Con (BPC) 2019 in Orlando, Florida (USA).

About Mike Parkinson:

Mike Parkinson, CPP APMP Fellow and 1 of 34 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the world, is an internationally recognized visual communication and proposal expert, best-selling author and professional trainer. He is a partner at 24 Hour Company (, the premier proposal creative services firm. Mike has spearheaded multi-billion dollar projects and helped his clients win billions of dollars. Mike’s training, Billion Dollar Graphics and A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint books, Graphic Cheat Sheet (, and Build-a-Graphic software help companies succeed while saving money and time.


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