VisibleThread CEO Fergal McGovern at NXTTCH 16 in Amsterdam on how to measure readability of content

About this Event

Tuesday June 28th 2016 at 4pm VisibleThread CEO, Fergal McGovern, will speak at NXTTCH 16 in Amsterdam. NXTTCH (pronounced as Next Tech) is the first premium event in Europe that connects the corporate world to all kinds of disruptive technologies. Many companies are reaching out to start-ups that challenge the current business models. NXTTCH visitors are innovators that want to take this to the next level.

In this session Fergal will discuss how to measure readability and effectiveness of content, but not just for individual docs but for docs and web sites at scale.

Large organizations produce more and more digital assets. The problem is how to measure the quality and effectiveness of the content in the form of unstructured data in docs and websites. Will the content engage the intended audience? How can you measure how good it is, or how effective it will be? Is there latent compliance risk?

And, the amount of newly created document and web content is exploding. More people produce more content as business and consumers use the web more and more to inform their buying decisions. Yet there is no effective way to systematically flag risk factors (eg: discontinued product references) or poor quality content (eg: content that has poor readability and will not engage the audience).

Fergal will present findings from a number of independent studies conducted across various government websites that scored and measured content clarity. He will also share techniques for identifying gaps across content in docs and websites. Gaps that create business risk.


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