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AAR Government – How to increase efficiency?

About this Webinar

Agenda includes:

  • How AAR Government increases efficiency when analyzing complex documentation.
  • How to compare documents using VTDocs.
  • How to increase the readability of your document and ensure consistency with our work overload.
  • AAR Service focus on improving the efficiency of their teams.
  • How important clarity and content grade-level is to a successful proposal.
  • Insight into VisibleThread’s latest updates. How we’ve optimized the analysis of formatted tables.


In this session, Trevor Morgan, Senior Manager of Government Pricing spoke about their successful partnership with VisibleThread, the benefits of the platform, and the impact across the organization. Trevor shared practical advice and examples of how best to give your teams the processes to improve efficiency when analyzing complex documentation. Trevor is an innovator when it comes to process, he looks to solutions for his organization to improve the quality and speed of their work. In his function, comparing, reviewing, and improving the quality of documents are priorities that can drain a team. Trevor and AAR are best in class when it comes to optimizing these processes.

AAR Government Services

AAR currently manages approximately $1 billion in assets for the U.S. government and is ranked among the Top 100 defense contractors in the world.

AAR Government – How to increase efficiency?