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Bids and Proposals: Trends of 2022

About this Webinar

Watch our insightful webinar with Hayley Watkins, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Summit Strategy, and Larissa Cornelius, Win Strategist and Managing Director at nFold.

In this webinar, we shared our predictions for the key Bid and Proposal Management trends of 2022. It’s essential to remain ahead of the curve to create an effective win strategy in this ever-changing landscape.


Hayley Watkins and Larissa Cornelius discussed:

  • The Great Resignation and the impact on our industry
  • Concern regarding burnout in Bid & Proposal Management
  • The rise in automation software
  • Increased opportunities in the Federal Market

About nFold

nFold is a strategic bid and proposal consultancy.

Founded in 2001 by Sandy Pullinger, nFold is still owned and managed by women 20 years later. In 2019 Larissa Cornelius, Chief Win Strategist, bought nFold and in 2021, Izane Cloete-Hamilton joined as 50% partner and Master of Inspiration.

nFold has a long history of helping customers win more bids – with less effort. Our experience gained from working across the private and public sectors, enables us to consult, educate, and automate in leading organisations of all sizes.

Bids and Proposals: Trends of 2022