GDIT’s journey towards greater automation: A look at VisbleThread’s role

This is a customer spotlight with Brandon Costanzo from GDIT who shared their experience with the power of automation and the role that has VisibleThread played in it.

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In this webinar we discussed



How VisibleThread’s solution helped GDIT work towards a greater automation process, including a discussion on data dictionaries.


Proposal Development

How VT Docs can be used to improve proposal development and management process.


The Importance of People

In order to leverage automation to make informed decisions, you have to have the right people and processes in place.

“It’s not only a time saver for my team, it’s a time saver for delivery teams who we work with. It’s also providing us the data to have that compelling discussion with leadership.”

Our Speaker(s)

Brandon Costanzo
Brandon Costanzo
Solutions Director, Technology Shared Services
General Dynamics

About VisibleThread

Our mission is to make business communications clearer & more transparent, leading to better business outcomes.

“This is a unique opportunity to learn from a leading industry player about the power of automation.”


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