Learn to Create a Disciplined and Repeatable Writing Process

Join Brad Douglas, Executive VP of Global Sales & Strategy at Shipley, in this transformative talk on mastering a disciplined and repeatable writing process.

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In this webinar we discussed


Learn from the best

With over 23 years of experience, Brad was a creative executive leader who excelled in capture management, global sales, strategic marketing, and corporate branding.


Discover the tried-and-tested approaches

Discover how to implement a systematic writing process that enhances efficiency, quality, and effectiveness across various business communication needs.


With real-world insights

Whether you were crafting compelling proposals or persuasive marketing materials, Brad’s expert insights empowered you to navigate competitive markets successfully.

“It’s not only a time saver for my team, it’s a time saver for delivery teams who we work with. It’s also providing us the data to have that compelling discussion with leadership.”

Our Speaker(s)

Brad Douglas - Shipley
Brad Douglas
Executive VP of Global Sales & Strategy at Shipley

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Our mission is to make business communications clearer & more transparent, leading to better business outcomes.

“There is no single cookie-cutter way to prepare for or do a proposal or any type of document.”


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