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Remote is here to stay – How to mitigate risk and continue to position to win

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This webinar is now over. We held it on October 1st.

A panel discussion featuring industry experts Mark Amtower, VisibleThread VP of Services Danai Malianga, and CEO Fergal McGovern.

Thursday, October 1st, 12pm EST.
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The impact of COVID-19 has thrust most of us into working from home. And, while we’ve adjusted to many aspects of the remote environment, two remain a real challenge:

  1. How do you collaborate effectively and mitigate risk on proposals with your team?
  2. How do you position yourself to win now that face-to-face isn’t an option?

Let’s ask industry experts about how to solve these.

Join our Virtual Session Panel with Mark Amtower, Danai Malianga, and Fergal McGovern:

Thursday, October 1st, 12pm EST 
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No War Room No Problem

War Rooms, Wall Walks and Team Huddles have fallen to the way-side. Risk increases by not being able to collaborate face-to-face. We’ll be asking Fergal McGovern, CEO VisibleThread, how he took his team remote. And, we’ll dive into how technology can mitigate risk and support teams. VisibleThread’s VP of Professional Services, Danai Malianga, AM.APMP, will share how proposal professionals are handling the change, issues they face and solutions she has seen work.

Face-to-Face the Remote Way

Mark Amtower is a well-known speaker and regular at GovCon events. He’s also the expert in personal branding on LinkedIn and how to build a network online. Let’s ask how we can make the most of virtual events and networking. And, how you can use solutions like LinkedIn to position to win.

This panel discussion will give you, our audience, plenty of opportunities to ask questions and influence the discussion. So get your questions ready about:

  • Optimizing virtual proposal management and teamwork
  • Making the most out of virtual events and networking
  • Using LinkedIn to position to win and to build your personal brand

Our Panel

Mark Amtower, Founding Partner of Amtower & Company

Author, consultant, speaker, LinkedIn coach and radio host Mark Amtower has focused on one market – Global One – doing business with government for more than thirty years.

Known in Washington, DC for his all-black attire and extreme candor, Amtower is by far the most influential and candid voice in business-to-government marketing, quoted in over 250 publications, doing interviews on business-talk radio around the country, speaking at 20-30 conferences and seminars each year.

Danai Malianga, VP of Professional Services of VisibleThread 

Following a successful career in senior proposal and project management, Danai joined VisibleThread in 2018. She brings her hands-on experience to driving customer success. Danai trains, advises and develops strategic accounts such as BAE Systems, SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Express Scripts and others.

Danai is also a popular speaker at events such as the VT Virtual Sessions or APMP’s Winning Business Virtual Event.

Fergal McGovern, CEO of VisibleThread

Fergal is our Founder and CEO. Over the past 10+ years, he has advised proposal teams on how technology can increase their efficiency and reduce risk. These teams include Airbus, General Dynamics, Noridian, AECOM and many more.

Fergal guides the overall direction of VisibleThread and what we stand for. He led the team into a fully remote working environment in 2020.


Remote is here to stay – How to mitigate risk and continue to position to win