Training Webinar: How to use Compare Docs & Compare Excel in VT Docs

Are you prepared to take your VT Docs skills to the next level? Watch our on-demand training webinar, where we delved into the world of Compare Docs and Compare Excel in VT Docs. In just 30 minutes, we unveiled how this powerful feature can streamline and automate your manual review processes, elevating quality across the entire project lifecycle. Join us for an insightful session that could transform the way you work with VT Docs!

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In this webinar we discussed


Compare Docs for Amendment Handling

Discover how Compare Docs optimizes the process of swiftly comparing two document revisions, whether it’s RFP versions, proposal revisions, or contract amendments. VT Docs meticulously lists all textual variances in a convenient Excel format report, making it easy to perform impact analysis and share the report with your team for a comprehensive review.


Compare Excel Workbooks

Explore how Compare Excel facilitates the swift comparison of two distinct Excel workbooks, highlighting changes within minutes. During this webinar, we will showcase how VT Docs categorizes alterations into four main categories: ‘Identical,’ ‘Modified,’ ‘Added,’ and ‘Deleted.’ By pinpointing the adjusted sections, you can easily identify differences and conflicting definitions, promoting transparency and reducing risks.

Watch this on-demand webinar today and delve into the essentials of Compare Docs and Compare Excel.

Do you often find yourself sifting through lengthy documents, searching for changes and updates? Are you struggling to ensure compliance and accuracy in your document revisions? Concerned about the risk of missing critical changes in your documents?

Your answer to a more efficient approach for overcoming these challenges is right here in this webinar.

This on-demand session is designed to provide you with the fundamentals of Compare Docs and Compare Excel in VT Docs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your VT Docs experience. Watch now to learn how to win time back on manual tasks and improve efficiency. This is a golden opportunity to take your VT Docs proficiency to the next level. Discover how to reclaim valuable time from manual tasks and enhance overall efficiency.

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Kyle Peterson is the VP of Customer Success at VisibleThread.

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