Training Webinar: How to use Dictionaries in VT Docs 6.0

Are you ready to take your VT Docs skills to the next level? Watch on-demand the first training webinar of 2024, where you will learn all about how to create, edit and use dictionaries in VT Docs 6.0. In this on-demand webinar we show how Dictionaries help you get the most value from VT Docs.

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In this webinar we discussed


Dictionary Search - Unified Concept Tracking and Quality Analysis

Learn all about the new “Dictionary Search” feature in VT Docs 6.0. This new feature merges concept tracking with quality analysis. This integration makes managing dictionaries easier. It also speeds up the identification of predefined terms in documents. As a result, you gain quicker insights into document language and content.


Improvements to the Dictionary Interface

The new Dictionary home screen boosts visibility and tracking. It lets users monitor usage patterns and see who is creating and using dictionaries. The interface for Dictionary creation and editing is now more streamlined.


Wildcards and pattern matching in Dictionary Search

There have been significant enhancements to the Dictionary Interface. This includes the support of vibrant colors for term customization. Advanced features include case-sensitive searching, wildcards, and regular expression pattern matching.


Level up your VT Docs expertise in this training webinar, hosted by the VisibleThread team. This session is specifically designed to equip you with the essential knowledge of dictionaries in VT Docs 6.0.

Dictionaries serve as indispensable tools within VT Docs, comprising lists of terms, verbs, or phrases that enable comprehensive document search capabilities. The best part? These dictionaries are fully customizable and can be effortlessly created in no time.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to optimize your VT Docs experience. Watch on-demand now to unlock the full potential of Dictionaries in VT Docs 6.0.

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