Training Webinar: How to use Watch Words in VT Writer

Are you ready to take your VT Writer skills to the next level? Watch the third webinar of our training webinar series, where you will learn all about how to use Watch Words in VT Writer. In this 30-minute on-demand training webinar we show you how Watch Words assist you in assessing the clarity of your content through the inclusion of your verbal style guide.

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In this webinar we discussed


Identify Watch Words in your content

The Watch Words list helps to identify terms and phrases you do not want included in your content. Learn how to identify where Watch Words are occurring in your content after VT Writer has analyzed your document or text snippet.


Build a Watch Words list

In this training webinar, we show you how your VT Writer administrator can curate a list of Watch Words terms and phrases and save them as your organization’s Watch Words List.


Manually Enter or Bulk Upload Watch Word Terms & Phrases

In this on-demand webinar, we show you two methods to quickly and efficiently build your Watch Word list, within VT Writer or in Microsoft Excel. Once entered, these Watch Words will then apply to all users and all content analyzed in VT Writer at your organization.

Don’t miss out on this transformative on-demand webinar. Unlock the full potential of VT Writer and gain mastery over Watch Words.

Level up your VT Writer expertise in this on-demand training webinar, hosted by the VisibleThread team. This session is specifically designed to equip you with the essential knowledge of Watch Words in VT Writer.

Concerned about older brand or technology names slipping into documents? Want to make sure you are using the correct inclusivity terms in your content? This is where Watch Words work their magic. When VT Writer finds those terms or phrases it highlights them and presents the suggested fix to the writer based on the description in the list.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to optimize your VT Writer experience. Watch now and unlock the full potential of Watch Words in VT Writer.

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Kyle Peterson is the VP of Customer Success at VisibleThread.

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