How Leonardo DRS avoids non-compliant requirements

Paul Pilkington and Jim Koniers from Leonardo DRS discussed how they use VT Docs to automate requirements coverage tracking and streamline their review process.

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In this webinar we discussed


Breaking down silos of information

How VT Docs has helped break down silos of information between different teams and has everyone working in an aligned and standardized way.


Common pitfalls

The common pitfalls when classifying risky status requirements. Including spending too much time manually assigning and tracking non-technical requirements.



Showing the benefit of moving beyond templated dictionaries and how easy they are to build in real time.

For Leonardo DRS, using VT Docs has turned the manually intensive job of scrutinizing RFPs for requirements into a dramatically shorter task. Turning days of effort into hours and removing the risk of human error.

Our Speaker(s)

Paul Pilkington
Sr. Manager of Engineering Excellence
Leonardo DRS

Jim Koniers
Engineering Manager of the Commercial and Marine Systems Engineering Group
Leonardo DRS

Leonardo DRS, formerly DRS Technologies, Inc, is a US-based defense contractor.


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