Webinar: How to leverage AI-driven theme discovery in VT Docs for success at scale

VisibleThread is delighted to announce the release of VT Docs 4.0 featuring New Discovery. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), it automatically isolates key themes across multiple files spanning hundreds of pages to reduce risk.

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In this webinar we discussed


What is New Discovery?

A breakdown of what was involved in VT Docs 4.1 release, including a re-imagining of the Discovery capability in VT Docs, and performance improvements across a number of areas & bug fixes.


Use Cases

Bid/No-Bid Quantitative Analysis. Data Calls, Terms & Conditions Risk Analysis. Teaming Partner Vetting.



Questions from our audience which were answered by the hosts.

“I just wanted to let you know that VisibleThread is rocking our world. It has dramatically helped improve the quality and readability of our documents. Saves editing time and helps to flag problem areas quickly”.

Our Speaker(s)

Fergal McGovern – Founder and CEO at VisibleThread

Headshot of Kyle Peterson

Kyle Peterson – VT of Customer Success at VisibleThread

Improve efficiency, clarity and compliance with quantifiable metrics.


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