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  • How to Flag Risky FAR and DFARS [6:00]

    Identifying risky FAR and DFARs contained within a solicitation quickly and accurately.

  • Ensuring Single Tone of Voice [4:27]

    Improving readability and the brand experience of your customers. 

  • Using AI-driven theme discovery for Gap Analysis [7:46]

    Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), Discovery automatically isolates key themes across multiple files spanning hundreds of pages to reduce risk.

  • How to Create a Responsibility Matrix Shred (version 5.0) [3.14]

    How to create a Responsibility Matrix in minutes.

  • Creating your Compliance Matrix (version 5.0)[5:22]

    Shred an RFP in minutes and get to work on your Compliance Matrix.

  • How to handle Contract Amendments [4:46]

    Compare document revisions for even minute changes. 

  • How to Extract and Validate Acronyms (version 5.0) [4:03]

    Extract and validate acronyms in seconds.

  • How to Simply Compare Excel Spreadsheets [2:10]

    Discover even the smallest change in Excel Spreadsheets easily.


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