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Free Starter Compliance Matrix for the Aus Dept of Defence – DSRG AUS$40M MUTR Contract

The Australian Department of Defence is inviting companies to register their interest in providing design services for the AUS$40 million Maritime Underwater Tracking Range project. Download the Free Starter Compliance Matrix below and get an immediate head start.

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Australian Department of Defence - DSRG AUS$40 Million Maritime Underwater Tracking Range (MUTR)

A Full Shred of the Maritime Underwater Tracking Range (MUTR) RFT in Minutes

We wanted to save you time. We took the Australian Department of Defence draft RFT (AZ6490) and converted the full PDF to Word with Adobe Acrobat and ran a shred/burst on the RFT Word doc using VT Docs.

570 Rows of Copy/Paste Saved

We shredded the doc fully sentence by sentence.

That’s a lot of copy/paste time that you won’t have to worry about, as you review how compliant you’ll be against the requirements. Learn more.

Download for Free

Feel free to use this matrix in whatever way you like. Just fill in the form, and download the Excel file. This download will provide you with the RFT.

If you plan to pursue this, good luck and we hope the matrix helps save you time.

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