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Is your Brand Copy Clear and Consistent? Audit Multiple Sites in Minutes

We help Sales & Marketing teams Win More and Communicate Clearly.

By flagging non-compliant, risky and complex language in documents and websites.


Buchanan & Edwards

Buchanan & Edwards

I’ve been using VT for document reviews (we were really guilty of using long sentences and “ensure”), so I really, really like how it’s helping us change our writing style. Using the tool is now incorporated as part of our proposal management process.

Kim Chemerika | Sales Proposal Manager


The Tool Rocks! It means we’re able to conduct web quality audits much quicker than before. Readability and brand consistency is something that all our clients really care about, so we’re now using the Clarity Grader reports for all major brand engagements. Murray Cox | Director of Content Strategy | DigitasLBi

Concurrent Technologies Corporation

VisibleThread lives up to all its claims. The Plan Language, Win Theme, Bad Language, and Quality scans provide an efficient and effective way to improve the readability and language in proposal documents. The software is user-friendly and works well on Word and PDF files. Christine Menna | Proposal Manager

Rockwell Collins

I just wanted to let you know that Visible Thread is rocking our world.
It has dramatically helped improve the quality and readability of our documents. Saves editing time and helps to flag problem areas quickly. Patricia A Fieldson - Manager | Capture Advancement Team