Analyze multiple contracts in seconds. Saves 45% on review time.

2 Minutes

Create Responsibility (RACI) Matrix


Contracts for Delivery Risk


Contract Inconsistencies

VisibleThread instantly pinpoints non-compliant content in your contracts.

Instantly create a Responsibility (RACI) Matrix and spot gaps in minutes. Quickly identify the most sensitive FAR (Federal Acquisition Requirements) and flow-down clauses.

The Result:

  • 45% time savings in contract review cycles*
  • Lowered risk in program delivery.
* based on a survey of 35 VisibleThread early adopters conducted in May 2009.

Just plug VisibleThread for Docs into your existing process. Then score your proposal with our Gap Analysis reports, generate a Compliance Matrix, saving hours. Better: Bid-no-bid/Teaming decisions, Risk assessments, Gated Reviews and Contract Quality Assurance.


Create First Cut Responsibility Matrix in Minutes

Run a compliance scan on PDF or Word contracts and solicitations.

We check for instances of customizable keywords like ‘intellectual property’, ‘indemnifcation’ etc. in any docs including SOWs and large RFPs.

With 3 clicks, you can generate a starter Excel RACI Matrix.

If you’re a Contract Manager, you’ll save hours/days of copy/paste hell and be more compliant.


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Speed ‘Bid / No-Bid / Teaming’ Decisions with Affinity Checks

With ‘Concept Tracking’, VisibleThread allows you setup your core competencies in a dictionary. You then scan for these indicators across multiple solicitation PDFs or MS Word docs.

You can scan SOWS (Statements of Work), PWS (Performance Work Statements), TOs (Task Orders) right up to large RFPs in minutes.

For Capture and Proposal Managers, ‘go / no go’ decisions are informed by reviewing the overlap of key concepts.

Should you team, should you pass on the bid? Don’t waste money chasing the wrong bid.

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Eliminate Waffle and Reduce Legal Risk with Bad Language Analysis

Run a review scan that immediately picks up language that weakens credibility, raises legal questions or affects the delivery of your solution. Proposals containing sloppy, ‘waffle’ or legally risky language put the win in jeopardy. Examples like; ‘we are delighted to’, ‘we will ensure’ or ‘we are expert’ should be scrubbed and replaced.

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