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Improve efficiency, clarity and compliance
with quantifiable metrics.

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Reviewing Complex Documentation

Automate tedious, manual doc review steps and improve quality throughout the lifecycle.


Writing Important Business Content

Score MS Word Docs, PDFs and Raw Text for clarity. Create clear, accessible content. Use single-tone of voice for all communications.


Technology that makes a difference


Submit compliant RFPs 85% faster


Dollars saved per year on average


Average increase of pWin rate


Fewer Help Desk calls

“We see VisibleThread as a partner not a vendor. We weren’t doing an automated process until we looked at this solution. It has saved lots of hours and frustration.”

Geoff d’Alelio,
Senior Enterprise Architect

Document Analysis for
Proposal and Contract Teams

Increase Win Rates

Improve win rates by delivering clear, compliant and compelling proposals.

Save Time

Save time shredding RFPs, reviewing multiple contracts and managing revisions. Use your time for more strategic value-add activity.

Reduce Risk

Flag non-compliant, inconsistent language that will damage your success, and erode your margins.

Creating Important
Business Communication

Increase Transparency

Deliver clearer, more accessible internal and external communications. Drive a better experience for your intended audience.

Reduce Friction

Avoid misunderstandings for important content, increase compliance. Help readers easily act on instructions and guidance text.

Lower Operational Cost

Clear, understandable content leads to less misunderstandings. The result is lower likelihood of project scope creep & fewer help desk calls.

  • $75k

    Savings per bid at,
    the review stage

    *approx. 1k bids submitted per year

    “VisibleThread has been a key enabler for improving quality across our commercial & contracts, legal and procurement teams”

    André Zobolski,
    Head of Commercial & Contracts

  • “I just wanted to let you know that VisibleThread is rocking our world. It has dramatically helped improve the quality and readability of our documents. Saves editing time and helps to flag problem areas quickly”

    Patricia A Fieldson
    Manager / Capture Advancement Team | Collins Aerospace

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