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VisibleThread gives you back control of your content by helping you analyze and optimize 1000’s of documents and webpages quickly and accurately. If you are shredding multiple RFPs, scanning documents for compliance or reviewing entire websites for clarity and consistency, then VisibleThread tools can help you.

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“The immediate impact of signing with VisibleThread was that we were able to complete compliance matrices much faster. Where we might have taken up to 6 hours to convert a 70 page document, we now convert that document in minutes.”
Tom Barth
Director Bids & Proposals / Rapiscan Systems
“People need well written and accurate information. I want them to be able to find information they understand and that’s the value of our website. Our ability to present information clearly has been due to VisibleThread. I really appreciate that and how well it helps us do our work.”
Lindsay Dudbridge
Manager | Clinical Content / American Society of Clinical Oncology

The pension ticking time bomb: why we need more clarity

The pension ticking time bomb: why we need more clarity There are many issues with our pension policies, including the fact that we aren’t saving for them! A large part of the problem is how pension providers communicate. They need to up their game and communicate in plain language – or else governments are...

GDPR & Plain Language – How To Be Compliant

GDPR & Plain Language – How To Be Compliant GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applies to all companies operating within the EU. US and international companies with an EU customer base must also comply. The mandate becomes law on 28th May 2018, and non-compliant companies risk forfeiting between 2%-4% of top line revenue. One of the...

Fixing the Engine: The Car Hire Industry Must Resolve its Communication Problem

Fixing the Engine: The Car Hire Industry Must Resolve its Communication Problem The car rental industry is synonymous with poor customer service and badly-worded policies. It is time it started communicating in plain English for the benefit of customers   Picture the scene: after a tiring flight, you wait in line to pick up...

Tweeting the way forward: How Twitter has changed language

Tweeting our way forward: How Twitter has changed language Twitter’s 140-character limit has had huge ramifications for language. Corporations need to pay attention to these trends as they look to craft their own message with plain language In July 2006, an online news and social networking service was launched, called Twitter. Users were restricted to post...