Mastering Corporate Communications with VT Writer: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

In a world driven by communication, crafting impactful corporate content can be a daunting task. VT Writer, a powerful tool designed to enhance corporate communication, offers a solution.
Aoife Keane

Customer Marketing Specialist

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In a recent session at Optimize23 Business Writing, Emily Mahon and Eoin Wren shed light on this innovative solution, addressing key questions and providing valuable insights into its functionality. In this blog, we summarize their discussion, highlighting the key takeaways, quotes, and tips that can revolutionize your approach to corporate communication. You can watch this webinar for free here.

“VT Writer can be used for all types of communications, both internal and external. The most successful deployments of VT Writer are from customers who have followed a plain language program throughout their entire organization. Every single person in that organization who produces content, whether it is emails, policies or large documents are on the VT Writer platform.”

What is VT Writer?

VT Writer is a solution for improving business content and documentation. It addresses the problem of complex and unclear written content within large organizations, which can lead to inefficiencies and increased costs. VT Writer focuses on scoring content for clarity rather than just identifying grammar issues. It provides readability scores for individual paragraphs, helping users understand what’s working well and what needs improvement. Additionally, VT Writer offers features like an email service for document analysis, full enterprise visibility to track communication improvements and a Microsoft Word add-in for clarity analysis.

In this recent webinar, Eoin and Emily discuss VT Writer’s features and functionality, how it can be customized for different audiences, and its applicability for various corporate communications, including proposal writing. Here are the top 5 questions asked and answered on this webinar:

  1. Is VT Writer similar to a style guide?
    VT Writer not only scores your content objectively but also allows you to customize it to match your own style guide. This customization is made easy through the use of “Watch Words,” offering a unique advantage.

  2. Can VT Writer adjust standards for different audiences?
    Yes, VT Writer is adaptable. Organizations can adjust thresholds to dictate what constitutes good and bad writing in VT Writer. A new feature allowing audience-specific “personas” will be available soon. This will allow you to cater to different audience types and their specific needs, enhancing the clarity and relevance of communication.

  3. At what stage in the proposal process do you recommend running VT Writer?
    VT Writer can be utilized at every stage of the proposal lifecycle, from drafting responses to pink and red team reviews. By starting early, you can reduce the need for extensive rewrites later in the process.

  4. Is VT Writer geared towards proposal writing specifically?
    VT Writer is not limited to proposal writing; it serves all forms of corporate communication, including internal and customer-facing content. Successful deployments involve implementing plain language programs across the entire organization.

  5. How does VT Writer compare to tools like Grammarly or PerfectIt?
    VT Writer differs significantly from Grammarly and similar tools. While Grammarly offers immediate feedback as you type, VT Writer is geared toward enhancing the document review process. VT Writer focuses on scoring content against organizational quality guidelines, making it a powerful tool for scaling document reviews. Additionally, VT Writer offers robust reporting and can be deployed on your network, ensuring confidential content.

“By drafting your responses with VT Writer from the get-go, you reduce the risk of lengthy review cycles. The sooner you use VT Writer, the less rewrites you will have on the backend.”

In a world where clear and efficient communication is paramount, VT Writer offers a valuable tool to enhance your corporate content. By customizing thresholds, utilizing personas, and leveraging metric-based insights, organizations can achieve higher communication standards. Whether for proposal writing or internal memos, VT Writer’s adaptability and power can transform your corporate communication practices. Start early, and watch as your communication becomes clearer, more concise, and more effective, all while minimizing the need for rewrites. With VT Writer, your corporate content will resonate with impact and clarity.

Want to view the webinar in full and uncover more about mastering corporate communications in VT Writer? You can watch the full webinar here.

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