Meet the team: Thomas Herbelin Software Engineer

My role involves maintaining and improving our language analysis platform – VT Docs. This exciting solution changes the way organizations do business by reducing risk, improving efficiencies, and ensuring compliance. I develop features in VT Docs so it can be used in specific situations and make a positive impact.
Thomas Herbelin

Software Engineer

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Thomas Herbelin Software Engineer

What’s your role?

My team and I collaborate daily with morning meetings, which allows each of us to share an update on our current workload. We follow the “Scrum” methodology and complete work in two-week sprints in an agile environment. For each sprint, we divide our roadmap into functional requirements that become epics or stories in our backlog. During innovation week, I am given the space to explore ideas, concepts, and technologies. The freedom to fail element is great as it allows me to be creative.

Your department/team

Working in the Engineering team is brilliant! Our team is close to one another, which supports smooth communication. It’s super easy to reach out or ask questions – it’s a lovely culture to work in.
Everyone has a deep understanding of our solutions. You never feel that you are only responsible for a small part. It’s great to feel that my contributions are valued by VisibleThread but also our customers.

“Working in the Engineering team is brilliant! Our team is close to one another, which supports smooth communication. It’s super easy to reach out or ask questions – it’s a lovely culture to work in”

Why do you enjoy working with VisibleThread?

The feeling of being part of a team and seeing the product evolve is so pleasing!

Being listened to when you propose something and being free to innovate are both reasons why I enjoy working at VisibleThread. You don’t feel like another dot in the crowd – you feel appreciated.

How does VisibleThread ensure each employee feels included?

Involvement – when you join VisibleThread, you immediately feel part of it. You have induction meetings with people in each department, which gives you a sense of how they operate.

Although VisibleThread is scaling rapidly, closeness with employees remains. It’s always a pleasure to gather in the office and socialize outside of work together – be it lunch, dinner, or a few drinks!

Any advice for people in your line of work?

It’s hard to give advice when you are still new in the industry. However, I think that curiosity is far from being a bad thing when it comes to working in our field. I learned a lot just by being curious about what I use every day. Asking myself questions like: “why is it like that” or “how does it work” led me to discover so many things! So, my advice would be to stay curious!

Something interesting about you?

I would say that it’s essential to have a physical activity outside of work. It’s important for the body and the mindset. That’s why I do a lot of sport: workouts, muay-thai, and running. For me, it keeps my mindset and concentration at a peak level so I can tackle work-related and personal tasks with my best effort.

I also do some volunteering for an application called Olio. I collect food items from supermarkets and redistribute them free of charge to individuals or associations. This prevents the food, soon to expire, from being wasted and it helps people in need to be able to feed themselves at a lower cost. I get a satisfactory feeling helping those in need.

A word from the hiring manager

Eoin Wren – Head of Engineering

“As Head of Engineering at VisibleThread my goal is to build a team that will drive the company on its growth journey.

Our Engineering team is more than a collection of engineers, it’s a team of individuals with different personalities, different backgrounds and different goals.

Each brings with them their own set of experiences and skills. These help shape how we build our software and shape our team culture. I like nothing more than learning new skills and new ideas from my team.

We all share the same collective goal, that is to build world class products for VisibleThread customers. As our company grows, we want our employees to grow too. This is key to our culture, finding out what makes our people tick, and giving them the environment to develop both personally and professionally.

If you like creating software that makes your customers smile, working with a talented, motivated team, you will fit right in!”


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