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“No Deal” – Brexit information baffles the public, inaccessible to 73%* of the UK population

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Evelyn Wolf

Brexit information baffles the public

This September, Google reported that the most searched questions in the UK related to Brexit. The public is now looking for clear communication on what the UK’s departure from the EU will mean. And, they are looking to the government to get answers.

A common topic discussed is the “No Deal” scenario. Given the critical nature of a potential no deal for the UK economy, the UK’s Department for Exiting the European Union published it’s guidance for “UK government’s preparations for a ‘no deal’ scenario”.

VisibleThread wanted to understand the readability of the government’s content. And more importantly, is it transparent?

Analyzing the government’s guidance

The UK government shares information about a “No Deal” scenario on a variety of web pages. For our analysis, we examined this guidance page on a no-deal scenario.

We analyzed the page with VT Writer and found some pretty sobering statistics