Revolutionizing Business Writing: Unpacking the New VT Writer 4.0 Updates

Discover how VT Writer 4.0 revolutionizes business writing with its latest updates, including an intuitive Watchword Interface and seamless Microsoft Word integration. Dive into our webinar insights and enhance your writing efficiency – read the full blog for more!
Kees Hendrickx
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Cover - Revolutionizing Business Writing Unpacking the New VT Writer 4.0 Updates

Are you still juggling between maintaining style consistency and meeting tight deadlines in your business writing? Discover how the latest updates in VT Writer can transform your writing workflow.

In our latest webinar, ‘What’s New in VT Writer 4.0’, Kyle Peterson offered a deep dive into the updates. He covers:

  • The enhancements to the Watchwords interface,
  • The integration of Watchwords in Microsoft Word Add-in,
  • and improvements to the Ignore List interface.

The demands on writers in business communication have evolved dramatically over the years. These days, business professionals are expected to convey information with clarity, consistency, and efficiency. With these expectations, the need for business writing tools has grown.

What are the new features in VT Writer 4.0?

Effortlessly Manage Watchwords
In the latest update, the Watchwords interface has undergone a transformation, making it more intuitive and powerful than ever. This feature now allows users to effortlessly manage extensive lists of Watchwords, aligning content with organizational style guides seamlessly. The interface’s user-friendly design simplifies the process of adding, editing, and organizing Watchwords. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to enforce brand consistency across all written communication.

Watchwords in Microsoft Word
One of the standout updates for Watchwords is the integration of the replacement feature and suggested alternatives into the Microsoft Word Add-in. This significantly reduces the time and effort involved in the editing process. Now, users can replace identified Watchwords with suggested alternatives with just a click, directly within their Word document. This integration exemplifies how VT Writer is not just a standalone tool but an integral part of the everyday writing process.

The Improved Ignore List Interface
The Ignore List has also seen significant enhancements. This list is now more accessible and manageable, and essential for incorporating necessary multi-syllabic terms and phrases critical in certain industries. The updated interface allows users to add and edit terms with greater ease. This ensures that these terms do not unjustly impact readability scores.

Insights from the Webinar

Throughout the webinar Kyle conducted a number of polls. These polls along with the Q&A session provided a comprehensive view of user perspectives and concerns regarding VT Writer. This session effectively blended user queries with poll-based insights, offering a full view of the user experience.

List of Poll Questions and Results – 1

Understanding user engagement with Watchwords
The first poll revealed that only 23% of users have utilized Watchwords in VT Writer. This suggests a potential gap in awareness or utilization of this feature. Kyle addressed this by highlighting the ease of use of the new Watchwords interface. This aims to encourage broader use and streamline the content alignment with style guides.

Seamless integration
Responding to a question about customization, Kyle reassured that existing Watchwords Lists would seamlessly integrate into the new interface. This was particularly relevant considering the poll results showed 67% of users had not customized their own Watchwords.

Style guide utilization and challenges
67% of participants of the webinar indicated they do not have a style guide. Kyle underscored the importance of the updated Watchwords and Ignore List features in maintaining consistency in writing. He also addressed the challenges in employing style guides.

To learn more about style guides you can download our comprehensive “Ultimate Style Guide” for free. This document covers various aspects of effective communication. And focuses on writing styles, editorial processes, and the integration of technology in writing.

New features for the VT Writer Microsoft Word Add-in
The replacement feature and suggested alternatives feature for Watchwords in the Microsoft Word Add-in is a powerfull addition. Especially considering the poll results that indicated challenges in adopting style guides and consistent application. This integration will alleviate these difficulties and will make it easier to maintain style and quality in their writing.

Improvements to the Ignore List Interface
The Ignore List is a curated list of multi-syllabic terms and phrases that you might find indispensable in your content. The enhancement of the Ignore List interface caters to industry-specific jargon. And the enhancement does not affect your readability and grade level score.

VT Writer 4.0 is a significant upgrade, offering enhanced features that address the modern challenges of business writing. The new Watchwords interface, seamless integration with Microsoft Word Add-in, and improved Ignore List interface empower users to effortlessly:

  • Maintain style consistency,
  • streamline content alignment with style guides,
  • and incorporate industry-specific jargon without affecting readability.

Experience the transformative power of VT Writer 4.0 for yourself from the first week in December for those on cloud and January 2024 for customer hosted. Watch out for future webinars to learn more about effective business writing and how to leverage VT Writer in your process.

You can watch the full webinar ‘What’s New in VT Writer 4.0’ here.

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