Unveiling Insights: The IC Index 2023 Report on Internal Communication Trends and Best Practices in the UK

Explore insights from the IC Index 2023, a UK report uncovering internal communication trends. This guide, based on surveys, case studies, and expert opinions, sheds light on crucial aspects. Let's explore key findings and practical advice.
Micheál McGrath

Head of Marketing

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The IC Index 2023 goes beyond a report – it’s a treasure trove of insights. With surveys and expert inputs, it covers areas like clear communication, tech’s role, training needs, and diversity challenges. It focuses on the role of internal communication and provides strategies you can use.

Diving into the Data: Key Stats

Let’s explore stats that show a communication focus:

  • Email’s Impact: 60% prefer CEO info via email.
  • Leaders Focus: Only 33% of leaders focus on team comms.
  • Training needed: 28% seek better communication skills.
  • Info Craving: 25% want team comms tips.
  • Team Unity: 37% see the importance of team bonding.
  • Time is Key: 26% want more prep time.
  • Smart Focus: 34% of junior leaders want guidance on what to communicate.
  • Skills Needed: 27% of senior leaders seek improved comms skills.
  • Quick Updates: 70% spend ≤15 minutes daily on employer updates.

Cracking the Insights: 5 Pearls of Wisdom

  1. How to build on success: Successful companies rely on strong communication.
  2. Listen and Talk: Two-way communication builds alignment.
  3. Plan and Execute: An aligned communication strategy is crucial.
  4. Impact of Medium: The chosen medium shapes the message.
  5. Know Your Audience: Tailor communication for better results.

The IC Index 2023 acts as a guide in the ever-changing landscape. Effective communication isn’t a choice – it’s the bedrock of thriving companies.

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