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VisibleThread and Unison Announce Partnership

Together, Unison's Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software for leading prime contractors and VisibleThread's natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities provide rapid and powerful insight to contracts professionals.
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Micheál McGrath

Head of Marketing

Unison, the leading provider of contract management software and insight to government contractors and federal agencies announced its Preferred Partnership with VisibleThread. 

"VisibleThread is uniquely able to extract contractual terms, discover inconsistent requirements, and delineate responsibilities for managing risks. Partnering with Unison allows contracts professionals to streamline this important work within the overall contract lifecycle that Unison CLM manages."

Fergal McGovern, CEO and Founder of VisibleThread.

GovCon contracts professionals using Unison CLM and VisibleThread can now instantly extract, archive, and search terms in award documents—and easily manage FAR/DFARS, compliance, security, and other material risks.

"Government contractors don't want to choose between compliance and low wrap rates. Our CLM software—now working with VisibleThread's capabilities—enables our customers to have both."

Paul Edelmann, Unison's General Manager of Commerce, Commercial, and Content.


At VisibleThread, we are excited to see what this partnership holds for both organizations.