VisibleThread Docs 3.0 what’s new

Our latest VT Docs 3.0 release has many extensions that we think you’ll love. In this post, I’ll give a full overview of what’s new.
Eoin Wren

VP Engineering

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NOTE: May 15, 2018 – The VT Docs 3.0 update pack is now available for on-premise customers with up to date subscriptions. Contact for instructions and download links.

Our latest VT Docs 3.0 release has many extensions that we think you’ll love. In this post, I’ll give a full overview of what’s new.

Here are some of the head-line new capabilities:

  • Revamped UI and Navigation System
  • Support for sub-folders
  • Excel Compare
  • Bulk import/export from Readability Ignore List 

The release also includes many performance improvements, tweaks and bug fixes to existing features. Read on to get full detail.

Revamped UI and Navigation System

VT Docs 3.0

In VT Docs 3.0, we have introduced a new navigation sidebar. This sidebar provides easy access to your Folders, Dictionaries and Account Settings.

The Home screen provides quick insights to usage levels and recent activity on your account.

The Folders area contains all your folders and documents. In here we have added ‘Quick actions’ menus to provide easy access to common tasks at each level.

The Dictionaries area contains all your dictionaries and structure outlines.

In our new ‘Help’ area you will find links to all our videos and documentation in one place.

Finally the Settings area is the place to go the modify any of your account settings, including Thresholds, Ignore Lists etc.

Support for sub-folders

VisibleThread Docs 3.0 provides support for nested sub-folders. This allows for easier grouping and categorization of related documents. For example you might create a top level folder for an RFP or contract. And then create sub-folders to group all issuing side documents or response documents together. Or you might also use sub-folders to organize your pink, red or gold team review documents.

Creating sub-folders is straightforward. Click the ‘Create New Folder’ action from the Quick Actions menu in the folders area, or click on the ‘Create New Folder’ option on the toolbar or from the right click menu.

VT Docs 3.0

Moving items between sub-folders is really easy. Just drag and drop documents or folders into the destination folder. If you prefer to use the menu system, you can also move items by accessing the ‘Move Folder’ or ‘Move Document’ menu items from the Quick Actions or right click menus.

Excel Compare

The VT Docs document compare engine now supports Excel Workbooks. This feature allows you to identify changes between revisions of Excel Workbooks.

To try it out, upload two revisions of a workbook to a folder, and click on the ‘Compare Excel’ button.

VT Docs 3.0

Compare Excel Mega Button

excel compare

Compare Excel Summary Results

vt docs 3.0

Compare Excel Detailed Sheet Comparison

Bulk import/export from Readability Ignore Lists

In VisibleThread Docs 2.14 we introduced a ignore list of terms for Readability. This allows you to specify words or phrases to exclude from our Readability and Complex Word detection algorithms. You can now export this ignore list to a CSV text file for archiving or sharing with other teams. You can also import terms from a CSV text file into your  Readability ignore list. This means you can make bulk changes in Microsoft Excel, save it as a CSV file and then import it into VT Docs.

Miscellaneous changes

Auto-numbering of documents on upload

You can now upload the same document multiple times to a folder. If a document with the same name already exists in the folder, we’ll append a unique number to it. This makes it easy to upload the same document to a VisibleThread folder without having to explicitly rename it prior to upload. Very useful if you want to use different search dictionaries against an RFP or contract for example.

Tweaks to exports

You can now export the theme list from the folder level and document level discovery views.

We enhanced the folder-level concept export to allow you to export ‘all content’ and not just matching content.

Both these enhancements have been regular feature requests from customers.

Performance improvements

We have improved how we handle large document uploads and the generation of very large exports. In previous versions, these might lead to misleading error messages or cancelled downloads due to browser timeouts. We rectified these issues in this release.

We hope you enjoy these improvements.

Note on Availability for On-Premise customers: This release is already available for cloud customers. Just sign in and you’ll be able to use it. For on-premise customers, we’re currently going through extensive testing and quality assurance cycles. We expect it to be available for on-premise customers in May.

Eoin Wren,

VP Engineering and Support.


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