VT Readability 2.5 released to all Cloud Users

VT Readability version 2.5 is now available for all our Cloud Users. In this release we’ve redesigned our text editor and also introduced other improvements.
Fergal McGovern

CEO & Founder

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Product release: VT Readability 2.5 released to all cloud users.

We want to thank all our VT Readability users for providing us with your feedback and suggestions. These are the inspiration behind our products. Please keep them coming!

Redesigned Text Editor

This is an important feature for anyone who analyzes text snippets in VT Readability. Up until now, you could not edit the text inline with the suggested fixes. Especially when analyzing longer snippets, writers found this inconvenient.

Today, there is a new editing flow. Users upload their snippet as normal. Click edit and revise copy in-line directly in the scan results view. 

And, while you edit, the highlighting of language issues in the text remains intact. So you can see the issues while you are revising the text.

For anyone uploading documents to VT Readability, you can, as always, download the annotated doc. It will show all suggestions in MS Word and allow you to edit there.  

To see both annotated docs and in-line editing in action, watch this video.

Other Improvements in VT Readability 2.5

Introducing ‘Ignore List’

We have renamed ‘Whitelist’ to ‘Ignore List’ in the product and all reporting outputs. There is no functionality change. This is a recognition that words matter. And that discriminatory words have no place at VisibleThread.  

Remove Highlighting from ‘Ignore List’ Terms

Many of you have uploaded terms to the ignore list. This simply tells the system to not reduce the score because a writer uses a particular term. For example, our team ignores ‘VisibleThread’ as this is a long word.

Up until now, these terms still showed highlighted and / or underlined in the scan results. For some writers, this felt confusing. So now we’ve made sure that terms you’ve added to your ignore list are now fully ignored. They are no longer highlighted.

Parlez Vous Francais?

If you do, you’ll notice that we’ve updated and added to French translations for some language suggestions. 

When will these features be available for on-premise customers?

There are more features coming this year. These will be added by end of Q4 when we will wrap them into a major release. This will include all the above for on-premise customers and more.

Thank you again to all our VT Readability Users! We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements!

The full release notes are available here.


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