VT University – September Graduate Of The Month

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Aoife Keane

Customer Marketing Specialist

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September Graduate Of The Month

Introducing Brittany Scott, our next VT University Graduate of the Month. With over a year and a half of dedicated service as a Senior Technical Writer in the Proposals department at Cherokee Federals, Brittany brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. Her primary focus involves providing invaluable support for the development of large, intricate proposals.

In her capacity, Brittany excels at deciphering complex solicitations and statements of work, translating them into well-crafted proposal responses. She collaborates with solution developers, capture managers, and technical subject matter experts, ensuring a comprehensive approach to crafting persuasive, compelling, and compliant proposals for Federal solicitations.

Beyond her writing expertise, Brittany is known for her sharp critical thinking skills and commitment to delivering high-quality work. Her influence extends beyond her writing duties, as she plays a pivotal role in shaping and enhancing the proposal team’s processes, tools, and templates for continuous improvement.

Brittany is a passionate champion of professional growth, dedicating her time and energy to continually sharpen her skill set. She has attended Shipley Associates’ proposal training workshops, including Qualifying Opportunities, Managing and Writing Federal Proposals, and Powerful Proposal Writing.  Brittany has recently completed both VT Docs and VT Writer courses from VT University, further solidifying her status as a standout contributor to her field.

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