Slide Decks from the VisibleThread Users’ Conference 2014

About this Event

We had a really great users’ conference last week in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Some excellent use cases by customers applying VisibleThread for corporate sales and marketing teams. Clear value around increased efficiency and better content insights.

We met many of our customers in person, including representatives from Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, L-3, Booz Allen, Symantec and numerous others. Here are the slide decks from the sessions.

Session 1: Conference Keynote – Trends in the Federal Contracting Marketplace

Kevin Plexico, VP Information Systems at Deltek

Kevin discusses current trends in federal procurements. He talks about the current market place and offer insights around the most valuable market intelligence for government programs. He talks about how analysis of data can provide better insights for government contractors.


Session 2: How VisibleThread can help satisfy ISO compliance

Steve Johnson & Chris Roelofs, Business Development Center of Excellence (BD COE), Booz Allen Hamilton

Steve Johnson and Chris Roelofs from Booz Allen Hamilton have been using VisibleThread for Proposal and Capture activities since March 2013. In this presentation Steve and Chris will share how they use a detailed ISO oriented ‘dictionary checker’ to demonstrate ISO compliance. They will show the steps they took to create an appropriate dictionary for demonstrating ISO compliance and how they were able to dramatically cut time spent during ISO audits for IT related programs.

Session 3: Can a Tool Really Help You Make Better Business Decisions?

Ruth Ann Pinkman & Melinda O’Callaghan, Capture and Proposal Operations, Symantec Corporation

Yes it can! In this session we will share our experiences using VT throughout the BD/Capture/Proposal lifecycle. We’ll cover how the tool saves the team precious time. You’ll hear how we use VT to support the bid/no bid process and reduce the critical but labor intensive process of compliance matrix development. We’ll discuss the strengths of the tool during the proposal (content) development phase. Finally, we’ll share lessons learned during our initial deployment and ongoing use of VT and answer questions you may have.

  • To Bid or Not to Bid? – Using VT to support the bid/no bid decision
  • Compliance matrix made easy – In a fraction of the time it used to take
  • Giving Writers the Good (and Bad) News – Providing objective and actionable feedback
  • Lessons Learned – What has worked and what hasn’t


NOTE: Most of the Symantec presentation was in the form of a live demo. So the deck is pretty light


Session 4: Corporate Overview & Vision

Fergal McGovern, CEO VisibleThread

Fergal provides a corporate overview of VisibleThread and outlines our vision for customer success in 2015. He also shares product direction for our Document and Web analysis offerings for 2015 and beyond.


Session 5: Deep dive on what’s new in version 2.11

Eoin Wren, Head of Engineering and Support & Fergal McGovern, VisibleThread

Fergal and Eoin will cover out a full tour of the new capability in 2.11. We will cover out:

Better Compliance Matrix Generation

  • Extended Discovery for Better Compliance
  • Re-ordering docs
  • Misc – usability enhancements
  • Misc – performance improvements / bug fixes


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