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What’s the Role of Language in Customer Experience?

About this Webinar

Learn about customer experience and how to apply it to your communications from The Experience Maker, Dan Gingiss.

The Voice of the Customer is rising. And, customer experience is starting to flow throughout organizations from marketing teams right to operations, claims and contact centers.

But does language really affect your customer experience? Spoiler alert: It makes a big difference!

We learned from customer experience expert, Dan Gingiss, how to make communications simpler, more clever, more memorable, and ultimately, more effective.

Clarity, customer experience and learnings from COVID-19

To many of us, the pandemic was a baptism of fire in crisis communications. Speed was of the essence to describe how the pandemic would impact our services and products. And to decide on how the customer experience would change.

Organizations praised for their communications had 4 things in common:

  1. They acted thoughtfully and quickly
  2. They showed a real understanding of their customers’ concerns
  3. They spoke like humans to other humans
  4. They were clear in their messaging

Now that we are inching closer to the “new normal” we reflect on the learnings from COVID-19. What can we take forward to improve our customer experience?

Watch this webinar and:

  • Learn from great examples
  • Listen to the discussion with expert Dan Gingiss
  • Ask your questions
  • Get a list of takeaways you can implement today


Dan Gingiss – Keynote Speaker, Marketing & Customer Experience Coach

Dan is a sought-after commentator on all things marketing, social media, customer experience and customer service. He has worked with Fortune 300’s. This experience and his client work have equipped him with the insights to educate others in the field.

We know Dan for his practical, actionable advice based on actual success stories. And, you’ll get the chance to ask him about his experience “in the trenches”.

Evelyn Wolf – VisibleThread CMO

Together with her team Evelyn spreads the message that words matter. Whether through our own online content or events, she provides communication to our audience that helps them implement a plain language strategy.

Customer Experience plays a big part in her role. So she’s looking forward to interviewing Dan!

What’s the Role of Language in Customer Experience?