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Free Starter Compliance Matrix for the $60.7B Veterans Affairs T4NG2 Draft RFP

On Jan 13th, the VA (Veteran Affairs) issued the draft RFP for the $60b Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation 2 or T4NG2 for short. To help the contractor community, we shredded the entire 157 pages of the RFP using VT Docs. And we’re making it available for free. Download the full shred below & get an immediate head start.

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A Full Shred of T4NG2 in Minutes

We wanted to save you time. We took the draft RFP (36C10B23R0011) and ran a shred/burst using VT Docs.

157 Pages of Copy/Paste Saved

This RFP is 157 pages long. We shredded the entire doc by sentence including Section C. This generated a total of 3,545 rows in Excel, with section C accounting for 1,553 rows alone. That’s a lot of copy/paste time that you won’t have to worry about, as you review how compliant you’ll be against the requirements. Learn more.

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Feel free to use this matrix in whatever way you like. Just fill in the form, and download the Excel file. If you plan to pursue this, good luck and we hope the matrix helps save you time.

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