From Silos to Synergy: Maximizing Success Through Collaboration

Unlock the secrets of winning contracts through collaboration! Delve into our Optimize23 discussions on the art and science of successful collaboration in proposal, business development, and capture processes. Gain exclusive insights and takeaways in our free guide. Download now!
Guide Cover - From Silos to Synergy- Maximizing Success Through Collaboration



Here's What You Can Expect From Our Summary Guide

Tips and key takeaways from discussions with industry professionals at Optimize23.


The Impact of Collaboration on Proposal Teams

Our findings and discussions on the Optimize23 sessions on how leadership plays a key role in successful collaborations.


We Tackle It All

From placing proposals at the centre of organizational structures, to establishing a shared understanding of opportunities.


Insights from leaders in the proposal, capture, and business development industries. 

Learnings from organizations such as Pragmatics, Cherokee Federal, and Chickasaw Federal.

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