Ultimate RFP Response Process

Having a defined process in place eases the pain of that first encounter with the RFP in draft or final form. Be aware: RFPs can run to hundreds of pages with an array of requirements. But with your RFP response process in place, you can start zeroing in on a number of things. These include the responsibilities, roles, and timelines that you’ll need to meet.
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What is an RFP response process?

This scalable solution can improve your chances of winning your next (or first) government or commerical contract.


8 Steps to improve your RFP response process

You read that right, any RFP response. Crafting a solid response to each RFP doesn’t have to be a mammoth-tailored task. For instance, you mightn’t even bother pursuing certain proposal opportunities in the first place.


Automating elements the RFP response process for greater efficiency

Solutions that can automate parts of the RFP response process are the best friend of any time-pressed proposal manager. The deadline to file an RFP is never adequate to let the proposal team be confident of meeting it. So, it’s up to you to define how can you save time without sacrificing quality in your response.

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