Capitalizing on FY24 Federal Contracts

In the highly competitive world of government contracting, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in FY24. Jennifer Schaus, a seasoned professional with an extensive skill set encompassing Market Research, GSA Schedules, and federal procurement is here to guide you through the strategies and best practices to capitalize on federal contracts in the upcoming fiscal year.

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In this webinar we’ll discuss


Expert Insights

Jennifer Schaus will share her expert insights into the nuances of Federal Government Contracting and Government Procurement, providing valuable tips to navigate the complex process successfully.


Understanding GSA Schedules

Gain a comprehensive understanding of GSA Schedules and how they can be harnessed to secure government contracts efficiently and effectively.


Market Analysis and Research

Discover the importance of conducting market analysis and research, enabling you to identify high-potential opportunities and target your efforts strategically.


Tailored Consulting Advice

Benefit from Jennifer’s vast consulting experience as she offers personalized advice and answers your questions during the interactive Q&A session.

Take advantage of this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and expertise required to make FY24 a year of unprecedented success for your business in the federal contracting arena.

About the speakers

Jennifer Schaus, Principal of Schaus & Associates

Jennifer Schaus, a highly skilled professional with expertise in federal procurement, contract vehicles and GSA Schedules.

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