How VMware use VisibleThread to quality check Contracts and Proposals

Webinar: Slide Deck & Recording
This webinar is now over. It occurred on Thursday the 16th November.

Here are the slides and recording.



How VMware is using VisibleThread to Increase Quality & Drive Efficiency

And here is the original webinar description:


We’re delighted to have Pete Brandano & Geoff d’Alelio of VMware present this webinar.

In this session, Pete and Geoff will share their experiences using VT throughout the BD/Capture/Proposal/Contract lifecycle.

They will show how to build specific customized search dictionaries that support; pricing, legal, proposal and technical review functions.

Here’s how they describe the session:

We’ll share how we’re saving precious time, but more importantly how we’re improving the quality of our outputs. We’ll discuss the strengths of the tool during the proposal (content) development phase. Finally, we’ll share lessons learned during our initial deployment and ongoing use of VT and answer questions you may have.

  • How we approach the proposal lifecycle and where we use VisibleThread
  • The value of search dictionaries to help legal review, pricing & technical analysis, delivery and engineering requirements
  • Compliance/Responsibility matrices made easy – In a fraction of the time it used to take
  • De-risking the proposal cycle
  • Lessons Learned – What we’ve learned in the process of rolling out VisibleThread Docs.
  • Q&A