Webinar: Go Forth and Simplify, but How?

This webinar is now over. We held it on Tuesday, June 18th 2019 2pm (EDT) 



Go Forth and Simplify, but How?

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Siegelvision & VisibleThread: Go Forth and Simplify, but How?

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And here is the original webinar description

While most companies recognize the need for simplification, few achieve it because it means transforming customer experience. Plain language, understandable instructions and meaningful examples are useful techniques but only part of the solution. Three key principles are essential to achieve breakthrough simplicity: Empathy, Distillation and Clarity.

Join us as we welcome Irene Etzkorn, Chief Clarity Officer at Siegelvision, and co-author of Simple: Conquering the Crisis of Complexity, for an insightful webinar on how to achieve Breakthrough Simplicity.

Date: June 18, 2019

Time: 2 PM EDT

Irene will delve into the root causes of information overload and the resulting complexity and confusion rampant across finance, insurance, technology and government. Examining time-consuming and complex interactions, she will discuss what it means to business: loss of competitive advantage, lackluster business impact and weak customer relationships.

Once you recognize the magnitude of the problem, do you know where to begin to address it? Are you making the most of each opportunity to connect with customers? Do you understand your customers’ information appetites, preferences and levels of engagement? Do you have a multi-disciplinary team in place to respond to the crisis of complexity? Learn more by joining our webinar on June 18th.

About Siegelvision

We’re pioneers in creating clarity out of complexity.
At Siegelvision, we believe complexity is the greatest barrier to progress. To combat the cost and loss of trust that is created by marketplace confusion, we pioneered the discipline of clarifying customer experience. We have a specialized team of simplifiers with expertise in plain language writing, content strategy, information architecture, information design and data visualization. We have helped dozens of companies, organizations and government agencies create simpler, more effective experiences for multiple audiences across a variety of media. Learn more at

About VisibleThread

VisibleThread helps corporate and government organizations make their words matter. Our solutions help content creators in all business functions, ensure clarity and single tone of voice in their written communications. We enable companies to communicate more clearly, and drive better brand trust. Customers see better customer engagement, improved user experiences, reduced call center costs, and better compliance levels. We work with visionary global players like Airbus, Sun Life, General Dynamics, the Australian Government and hundreds of organizations striving for clear, consistent communication. Visit