Modern Workplace Woes – How bad emails stop you from getting things done – Slides & Recording

This webinar is now over. We held it on Thursday, June 25th 2020 at 4pm (EST).

Recording & Slides


Virtual Sessions 6 Presentation Slides

June 25th, 4pm (EST)
June 26th, 8am (NZST)

How many emails have you received today? No, not marketing messages. Emails from your colleagues, team mates or business partners. How many have you written? Did they achieve their intended goal?

Internal Communications rely on email. Especially in the COVID-19 / working from home era. We send invites, updates, general asks and requests. Often emails don’t get things done. One reason is that they are badly written. They lack empathy and plain language. So let’s step away from email frustration to writing better messages.

Shelly Davies, business writer, trainer and keynote speaker joins our CMO, Evelyn Wolf for this virtual session. They will discuss:

  • The reliance on email for internal communication
  • What your readers would like to see
  • How you can write better emails that get things done

About Our Speakers

Shelly Davies

Shelly Davies is a rockstar business writer, trainer, and keynote speaker. She reminds big companies and government agencies drowning in corporate jargon that plain language will get better results – every. single. time.

Shelly also has an online course on how to write better emails. Emails that will get you faster replies and get more done.

Evelyn Wolf

Evelyn Wolf is VisibleThread’s CMO. Together with her team she spreads the message that words matter. Whether through our own online content or events, she provides communication to our audience that helps them implement a plain language strategy.

In her 15 year marketing career she’s written a lot of emails. A lot. So she’s looking forward to welcoming and interviewing Shelly.