7 Game-Changing Tips for using WatchWords in VT Writer

At VisibleThread, we don’t just create software for smarter document analysis to enhance your productivity. We also host a range of training webinars showcasing how easy it is to use. Uncover the power of WatchWords in VT Writer with our 7 game-changing tips.
Kees Hendrickx
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Our recent training webinar covered everything about using WatchWords in VT Writer. In this webinar, we show you how WatchWords can assist you in assessing the clarity of your content. You can do this through the inclusion of your verbal style guide.

In the dynamic realm of content writing, achieving clarity and consistency is paramount to winning over clients and stakeholders. WatchWords lists in VT Writer helps to identify terms and phrases you do not want included in your content.

What are WatchWords?

WatchWords are lists consisting of terms that users want to avoid or replace in their content.
VT Writer highlights these WatchWords, offering the flexibility to customize them for alignment with your style guides. You can tailor WatchWord lists to your specific needs. This can help you steer clear of industry jargon, Product Misinformation, or craft compelling narratives, making your content shine. WatchWords can be used for proposal writing, but also for other types of documents, e.g. internal and external communications, insurance letters and marketing documents. Basically, any document that is going to be published by a company.

And there’s more— You can assign categories to group related terms, providing a structured approach to refining your content. As it assesses your content, WatchWords are strategically identified, reducing ambiguity and enhancing readability.

VT Writer’s upcoming update will allow automatic suggestions and replacements for flagged WatchWords.

Below you can see examples of WatchWords used by some of customers in the healthcare and government contracting sectors.

WatchWord examples - 7 tips on creating, identifying, and using WatchWord lists in VT Writer
WatchWords in VT Writer

In this blog, we outline some of the top tips for your journey into the heart of WatchWords. Their practical application and their undeniable value in elevating proposal quality. Moreover, VT Writer’s forthcoming update will be a game-changer that offers automatic suggestions and replacements for flagged WatchWords.

Here are our 7 tips on creating, identifying, and using WatchWord lists in VT Writer:

7 tips on creating, identifying, and using WatchWord lists in VT Writer
  1. You can use Watchword lists to improve customer language. This can ensure consistency, and drive user adoption.

  2. Combine your WatchWords and style guide. You can combine Watchwords with style guide elements for comprehensive content improvement.

  3. Use the Description in the WatchWord list. This provides guidance on what words to avoid and suggests alternatives.

  4. Different languages? You can control the case sensitivity of watchwords, and set language preferences. VT Writer is capable of analyzing and providing suggestions for content written in languages that use the Latin alphabet. This includes languages such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.
    Note: Languages based on characters, like Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, are not yet supported.

  5. You can bulk upload WatchWords. You can bulk upload WatchWord lists using CSV (Excel) files. This makes it easier to manage extensive lists.

  6. Use the data. VT Writer Insights provides data on usage and quality metrics, offering insights into WatchWord usage over time.

  7. Analyze or Analyse your words. VT Writer can assist with differences between US English and British English, automatically suggesting alternatives.

Utilizing these 7 WatchWords tips in VT Writer can boost your content quality significantly. These tips will help refine your content, enhancing clarity and consistency to captivate clients and stakeholders. The forthcoming VT Writer update promises an automated approach, revolutionizing content refinement.

For more info on how VisibleThread can aid proposal writing, we have a slew of resources on this matter. Take our Ultimate Guide to Proposal Writing for starters!

Want to view the webinar in full and uncover more about WatchWords in VT Writer? You can watch the full webinar here.

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Or if you’re looking for a little support with WatchWords, you can reach out to the VisibleThread’s Customer Success team. We can provide personalized assistance and guidance on using WatchWords effectively. Simply book a call with your dedicated Customer Success Manager here.


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